9 Parts of Desire  Heather Raffo | Guthrie Theater - 2008  | Photos: Michal Daniel

Heading Here      - Minneapolis Star Tribune 

"Breath-taking and virtuosic...! Desire marks the second one-woman show in town that director Joel Sass has staged in the past few weeks.  As he did with The Syringa Tree, Sass guides with a sensitive hand, leading actress Kate Eifrig into all the right places, psychically and emotionally...." 


Heading Here      - Pioneer Press

"Compelling and elegant...scrupulously and harrowingly observed... Working on Sass' raised sandbox of a set littered with decrepit vestiges of privilege--burned-out books, battered chandeliers, empty picture frames--Eifrig and Sass create a world of horror and outrage, edged with humor and occasional flashes of humanity..."


Heading Here      - City Pages

"Actress Kate Eifrig and director Joel Sass create a psychic space that intensifies when it needs to, but never resorts to histrionics...A fine, purposeful, and accomplished piece of work, with a revelatory performance by Eifrig."