Hitchcock Blonde  Terry Johnson | Jungle Theater - 2009  | Photos: Michal Daniel

Hitchcock Blonde has erotic tension and a big reveal           -  Twin Cities Daily Planet

“The Jungle Theater is currently staging Hitchcock Blonde under the talented oversight of director Joel Sass, who weaves Barry Browning’s fantastic noir-inspired lighting and a thrilling dramatic score by Greg Brosofske into a mystery play that explores the mythos of Hitchcock’s fascination with his blonde leading ladies. .... An admirable effort by the Jungle creative team, including the actors: Sherohman’s Hitchcock is scarily accurate and more than a little creepy. J.C. Cutler shines as Alex, adding nuance to the cliché of the middle-aged manipulator. Mikki Daniels’s Blonde is also a dynamic character - her masterly portrayal of a woman unearthing a startling new revelation about the nature of her own sexuality is one of the production’s high points.” 


Hitchcock Blonde a thrilling projection of obsession           - Twin Cities Performance Art Examiner

“Sass created a remarkably unnerving world, rife with tension and mystery... His most memorable creation is the nameless blonde starlet, resurrected via a flickering movie screen courtesy of filmmaker Mike Hanisch.  The power of these images testify to the dark appeal of this exceptional production...”


Weird, witty, and thoroughly entertaining      - Minneapolis / St. Paul Magazine

“Director-designer Joel Sass achieves a remarkable artfulness in his execution of multimedia on a proscenium stage..."


Skilled production of an intriguing play      - St. Paul Pioneer Press

“This play requires a well-integrated sense of how multimedia works both with and against live stage action.  Director Sass, aided by film designer Mike Hanisch, has the concept nailed..."