The Seafarer Conor McPherson  | Jungle Theater - 2009  | Photos: Michal Daniel

A wickedly entertaining Christmas tale      - TC Daily Planet

“Joel Sass’s absorbing production transports us to the basement apartment for a gripping narrative that also finds a generous amount of room for funny vignettes and stories that illuminate five sharply-drawn characters...This production never steps wrong in translating the play to the Jungle stage.  The casting is flawless: the five actors seem born into their roles.  Sass’s set design is remarkable as always... The Jungle’s production of this new play is entirely compelling and hugely entertaining...If you’re going to see just one holiday show this year, you should make it The Seafarer...


A  journey to redemption     - St. Paul Pioneer Press

“I’m a gigantic fan of great theatrical literature given great voice, and that alchemy came together in Joel Sass’ production... He guided his company toward the same level of detail expended on his exquisitely cluttered set.  If you like a dark night of the soul given illumination, it didn’t get much better than this on Twin Cities stages in 2009...”


Seafarer awash in power and pathos     - Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Brilliant acting!  A spanking cast spins out this yarn in a frightfully good production directed by Joel Sass... The acting here is the best I’ve seen in quite some time not only at the Jungle but anywhere.  Sass’s staging has a cohesion, pace and rhythm that is spot-on, and his set reeks with soggy decrepitude, down to the duct-taped sofa... A perfectly delightful evening in the theater!”


Fate deals a winning hand     - Twin Cities Performance Art Examiner

“Director Joel Sass has previously shown a knack for crafting energetic pacing that fits the prevailing mood of his productions.  Here is no exception, as Sass allows enough space in the first act for the characters to reveal ever more of their inner selves through Conor McPherson’s carefully layered dialogue.  This patience pays off in the tension-filled second act as the characters sit down to play the hands that fate has dealt... In addition to directing, Sass is also to credit for the meticulously realized set design.  The cramped, cluttered space is just a few degrees from squalor with half-empty liquor bottles shoved under the furniture, dirty dishes lining the countertops, and the hungover inhabitants lounging listlessly...”