Pericles  California Shakespeare Theater - 2008  | Photos: Jay Yamada

Cal Shakes season opens with radiant romp      - Theater Dogs

“Presented as a gorgeous fairy tale for grown-ups, California Shakespeare Theater’s first show of the season reminds us that in a seemingly horrible world, faith, love and integrity will receive its just reward. Pericles is mightily entertaining, especially when directed with flair--and flair is something director Joel Sass has in great abundance.... Lush, beautiful, and incredibly moving at its tearjerking conclusion when all is set right..." 


Pitch-perfect ‘Pericles’ Among the Years’ Best Shows    San Francisco Chronicle

“Sass not only capitalizes on the story's improbabilities for humorous effect, but exploits its most moving elements as well...  Warm, sly and at times mischievously comic.... The father-daughter reunion is so touchingly portrayed it casts a warm glow on a chill night in the Berkeley hills..."


Cal Shakespeare opens summer season with fantastical ‘Pericles.’     - Mercury News

“Magical!...The most important thing Sass does for his audience is to make us somehow care about the fates of each character on stage...”