Lettice and Lovage  Peter Shaffer | Theatre de la Jeune Lune - 2005  | Photos: Michal Daniel

Delirious duo shine in lovely production         - Lavender Magazine

“What a year 2005 has been for director-designer Joel Sass!  The man whose colorful gender-bending style was shaped by his years as director of Mary Worth Theatre Company has been on a roll, with a lovely production of Shakespeare’s Pericles at the Guthrie Lab and a striking staging of The Triumph of Love at Park Square.  But the jewel in Sass’ 2005 crown is Lettice And Lovage at Theatre de la Jeune Lune!”

“...Sass directs two spectacular performances by Barbara Berlovitz and Wendy Lehr, who utterly catapult playwright Peter Shaffer’s battle cry to live life full-out with consuming passion and sweeping grandeur...”

“...even the great height and vastness of the Jeune Lune space barely can contain the high spirits this production emanates.”


 Theatre de la Jeune Lune proves its Tony Award-winning panache in an effervescent ‘Lettice and Lovage’          - Talkin’ Broadway

Lettice And Lovage continues Jeune Lune's Tony Award-winning tradition in a summer show of zany delight.  Joel Sass directs Lovage and designed its huge, three-part set that is defined by immense corners of carved Jacobean wood frames. He's not a company member, but his visual, playfully over-the-top theatricality compliments the spirit of Jeune Lune's physical style.”

“A sense of the sheer fun of a skilled production team creating comedy around a witty script, two strong characters and two talented actors emanates off Jeune Lune's generous stage.”