Crime and Punishment  Dostoyevsky/Campbell | Jungle Theater - 2009  | Photos: Michal Daniel

A fitting Punishment          - Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Stylish and brilliantly theatrical, Joel Sass’ staging of Dostoevsky’s masterpiece expertly creates a cinematic sense of mystery and consistently delivers us into Raskolnikov’s tortured imagination...”


Jungle Theater stirs the guilt-stricken soul         - Twin Cities Performance Art Examier

“Sass’ staging forcefully conveys the novel’s humanity... He sets the pacing with skilled rhythm, drawing maximum impact from quick tension-filled exchanges.  The production emerges as a powerful portrayal of inescapable guilt and potential deliverance...”


Crime presented with passion       - City Pages

“Director Joel Sass’ production extracts the flop-sweat desperation that was one of the prime attractions of the source material... Avoiding any number of possible digressions, [he] focuses entirely on the agonies of Raskolnikov (John Riedlinger), who churns in psychic terror after committing a double murder and shits bricks every time he has to talk to Steve Hendrickson’s police inspector Porfiry - dry as a desert, one step from a gentle priest awaiting confession..”


A fitting Punishment          -

“Joel Sass seems unusually good at finding intimate, psychological plays that are ideally suited to the Jungle Theater in Uptown.  In this latest Jungle effort, Sass creates a peep hole that lets us view the unraveling mind of Raskolnikov as the story of his crime unfolds before us..”