Shipwrecked! Donald Marguiles  | Jungle Theater - 2009  | Photos: Michal Daniel

A rollicking, fantastical adventure for all ages      - Minneapolis / St. Paul Magazine

“Relentlessly entertaining...!  Joel Sass’ production unfolds like an extended vaudeville act, complete with old-fashioned props, puppets and sound effects.  The Jungle has a great deal of fun recreating Louis de Rougemont’s wild adventures, but bubbling just beneath the surface is a loving tribute to the power of stories and a rather sophisticated meta-dialogue on the nature of ‘truth’ and the paradoxical role the public plays in consuming the stories entertainers provide...It is quite a feat to put together a play that works so well on all of these different levels, and Sass must be commended for making it all work seamlessly...”


Shipwrecked tickles the funny bone     - Talking Broadway

“In an energetic staging, director Joel Sass sails through the chapters of this 100-minute picaresque tale at a 30-knot clip, and packs the piece with delightful inventiveness.  He has designed a simple set and cluttered it with Rube Goldberg props for on-stage sound and visual effects.  Therein lies much of the playful charm of Shipwrecked...It is a self-consciously old-fashioned bare-bones play that shows all the ribs of stage artifice.  When a crew member dives for pearls, one of the on-stage musicians shoves his head in a large tank of water and gurgles noisily...”


One of the year's biggest and best surprises    - TC Daily Planet

“Director Joel Sass and his enthusiastic cast manipulate lights, shadow puppets, and sound effects with unflagging inventiveness in the Jungle Theater’s current production of Shipwrecked!...The audience I saw the show with was enthralled by the cast’s energetic showmanship... By its conclusion, a play that began as pure confection becomes a deeply moving meditation on the promise and perils of self-invention...  Don’t miss this madly entertaining production - one of the year’s biggest and best surprises!”