The Mystery of Irma Vep Charles Ludlam  | Jungle Theater - 2010  | Photos: Michal Daniel

Jungle’s Mystery of Irma Vep is brilliantly, extravagantly goofy              - TC Daily Planet

“You may see many other productions of The Mystery of Irma Vep in the years to come, but I doubt you'll see one better than the Jungle's putting on right now. It's a sprawling, goofy masterpiece, a hilarious gift basket of wacky camp...Ludlam's inspired lunacy gets the star treatment here... You get the feeling that each moment was painstakingly mined both for its full comic effect, and in order to fully develop each character and their relationships to one another and the story...”


Irma Vep puts the Grand in Guignol           - Minneapolis Star Tribune

“The Jungle Theater's production finds director Joel Sass nicely on his game and actors Bradley Greenwald and Steven Epp at full throttle....It all serves the vaudevillian decadence at the heart of Ludlam's play. Sass, a master at stage legerdemain, is like a kid in a candy store... It would be wrong to spoil all the don’t think too hard, or try to figure it out.  Some things are just scary funny--and this is one of them!”


Irma Vep a night of fun and fright at the Jungle           - MinnPost

“One part Dark Shadows, one part camp adventure, The Mystery of Irma Vep is all fun in its current production at the Jungle Theater--a tour de force that uses a pair of talented actors mixed with clever staging to bring Charles Ludlam’s ‘penny dreadful’ story to full, dazzling light... Joel Sass’ direction and set are both delights, and there are points in the evening that even bring out a few scares, including a great moment near the end of the first act...”